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Domenica  Brazzi

 Weight: 120 lb. / Height: 5’6” /

 Eyes: Brown / Hair: Medium blonde



SOAPOPERA (actress)

  • Silvana Sin Lana                              Miami

  • La Trailera                                                      Miami

  • El precio del Amor                                         Miami

  • Inocente de ti                                                 Miami

  • Ángel Rebelde                                                Miami

  •   Maria Celina                                                   Miami

  • Niña Bonita                                                    Miami

  • Agua Marina                                                   Miami

  • Morelia                                                           Miami


ON AIR TALENT (singer and actress)

  • El Show de Maite                                           Univision (guest singer) Miami

  • El Show de Cristina                                        Univision (guest singer) Miami

  • Despierta América                                        Univision (guest singer) Miami

  • Caliente                                                           Univision (Comendy) Miami

  • Cartas de Maria Regina                               Telemundo (Drama) Miami

  • Historias para no Dormir                             Hit TV (Drama) Miami

  • Noticias d’Que                                              WLRN (Comedy) Miami

  • 300 Millones                                                 TV Española (guest singer) Madrid


THEATRE (actress)

  • Diálogo de Carmelitas (drama)                  Miami, 2005

  • Un Marido de Alquiler (comedia)               Miami, 2004

  • El Escogido (musical)                                    Miami, 2003

  • Una Viuda en Apuros (comedia)                Miami, 2003

  • Me Persigue tu mujer     (comedia)          Miami, 2002

  • Historias de Media Noche (comedia)        Miami, 1997



  • Fitness and nutrition

  • Horseback riding, kayaking and biking



  • Impeccable Spanish pronunciation with “neutral accent”

  • Able to do different voices and accents.

  • Years of experience dubbing films and television series for Showtime, HBO and others. Leading role in movies such as The Reagans, Terminator, Valmont, Poison Ivy, Desert Angels, among others, and one of the leading roles in the TV series The L-Word.

  • Fluent in Spanish and English. Advanced knowledge in Italian and French

  • Trained in acting, singing and music

  • Accomplished singer/songwriter with two #1 hit singles in Perú.











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