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Rogelio Ramos



Height: 5’11” Wight:165lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark Brown




The Clapper Mexican Lawyer Oriach Entretainment

The Boatman Alejandro Buffalo 8 Productions

Zombie Night Vicente Lopez SyFy Original

Sex and the City (Movie) Paulo New Line Cinema

Spider Man III ER Doctor Sony/Paramount

The Perfect Game Radio Announcer Dir William Dear

Tragedia de Macario Macario (Sundance 2006)

Richard the III Lord Rivers Basilic Films

Hoboken Hollow Transient Glen Stevens



Silicon Valley Recurrent HBO

Scorpion Guest star/ Top of show CBS

The Fosters Co star ABC Family

Jane the Virgin Co star CW

Insecure Ritch HBO

Cooper Barrett’s Guide….. Guest star FOX Television

The Bridge Co star FX

The Goldbergs Co Star ABC

Chuck Co Star NBC

The Shield Gutierrez/Guest Star FX



John Kirby Studio Scene study Ongoing

Lee Strasberg Institute Method Scholarship

Meisner Method Josh Bitton

Tom Logan Film Acting Tom Logan


Languages: Fluent Neutral Spanish and Portuguese. Guitar, Piano,

Singing.(Baritone). Teleprompter, Audio Prompter, Licensed and trained to operate


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